Thursday, October 22, 2009

RaBiTh0H al-QaLB's STaTiSTic

~In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful~

by: iNa & aRa~

you know what..we've made a research recently.
and..we've found something that most of you might not realise of it..huhu..
it took about 3 weeks for us to collect the data successfully~by using aRa's phone~hehe..

we..i.e.<iNa & aRa>
humbly presenting this to you..
1st week of Tamadun Islam dan Tamadun Asia 's presentation (hereinafter referred to as TITAS)

1st Presenter SARAH ADIBAH 1090235 16:42
2nd Presenter NUR ZARINA 1090238 13:22
3rd Presenter SYAHIR AZFAR 1091330 23:22
4th Presenter YMT ZARKASHI 1090241 26:05
5th Presenter SYUHADA DAHLIA 1090233 16:04

here, do you notice something that we noticed???
the statistic shows that;

YM,i.e. the 4th Presenter(representing the boys), took 10 minutes more than Syuhada, the 5th Presenter(representing the girls) and also Sarah Adibah, the 1st presenter. Therefore, boys when happened to get the opportunity to deliver their presentation, they took more time than girls. To strengthen our point, let us take a look on the comparison between the 3rd Presenter, Syahir Azfar and 2nd Presenter, Nur Zarina. The same goes to them!

2nd week of TITAS's

1st Presenter SITI AISYAH 1091144 11:50
2nd Presenter KHAIRI.IBRAHIM 1090236 14:58
3rd Presenter ARIJAN NAJIHAH 1090239 19:14
4th Presenter MUHAFIZAH 1091561 18:57
5th Presenter NURATHIQAH 1090220 19:07
6th Presenter NABILAH HUDA 1090237 15:04

for this week, honestly..
we encountered such a gigantic problem~~very2 much..huhu..

ALL OF khairi.ibrahim's data (the ONLY boy's reprentative for this week) had ruined our well-arranged statistic. There was a substantive difference between his duration time and YM's.His data had been beaten by the other girl presenters, excluding siti aisyah's..both of them took less than 14 min.

therefore, to overcome this problem,
we've came out with these 2 resolutions~

1.0 it seems that an alienation had occured here..apparently, towards the boy representative.
but, something we've 2 admit, he's really good in presenting, right?!

2.0 for siti aisyah, we quite surprised with her. Her time taken was listed as the least
among the others(11 min 52 sec). we thought it was hold by nur zarina..the one who
finished her presentation in rush..but obviously, she was not~

Lets try to relate this to our title; .::RaBiTh0H al-QaLB::.
as all of us know, both of them <khairi.ibrahim and siti aisyah> are the class repS..
prabably we can say that they are meant to be our best leaders~hikl99..
Thus, we want to emphasize that;
1- their positions as the class representatives should be maintained. No doubt!
2- there will be no such thing as 'perebutan tahta' for the next sem...and years hopefully.

Not forgotten, miss Arijan Najihah was successfully impressed everyone by answering the questions from Kak Atiq about Islamic matters [nasyid yang lagh0]

to be continued..

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