Thursday, October 22, 2009

let's treasure it

assalamualaikum everybody!

this is my first post... finally. huh~ i think i should be like sarah who is so personally attached to this blog so that i can post more :P hehe~ anyway, this post is going to reveal my feeling. ops~ it’s not like i’m going to confess my love or anything aaaa... or else, nanti ada org kate bdk2 law sdg berchenta... ops again.

so, here it goes...

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i had a conversation with my friends and also my ex-classmates during an aidilfitri visit last month. we talked about our current life, about how things are going on at that time and we also used the opportunity to reminisce all the sweet memories that we share. it was the only time that we had to meet since we are now studying in different places. as we were trying to catch up with each other, they told me about their lives, and i told them about mine, about how sad i was since i became a first-year student and entered smsu, how lonely i was feeling and how things did not stay the same as it used to be.

i was telling them that there are only 16 students in my course which caused my heart to ache every time i recalled my old time as a tamhidian and a temporary fiqh&fatwa student. then one of my friend said, “ooo.. sikit eh.. mesti kitakorang rapat nak? ooo... sikitnye.. mesti korang rapatkan? i sadly shook my head, disagreed because honestly, i didnt feel that way.

that was true.

but now, i believe it’s different. i must agree with what miss fadhlina said when we were celebrating her birthday yesterday. now, i can see the ukhwah has started to build up within our hearts which brings us closer. before this, I could barely talk or make jokes to the girls in my course but now i feel more comfortable hanging out with them and I’m becoming more like my old self. Besides, other people are happier now with their new group mates, shouldn’t we feel the same?

You see, things might not be the same anymore because life changes every second... we might not be around the same group of people that we were close to, and that group of people might not be that close to you anymore, life could be much harder now and the memories are now left as memories. but, I believe, although nothing stays the same, they can be better.

ada hikmah kenapa kita ditakdirkan bersama :)
so let’s cherish and treasure our friendship for the next five years
to build a strong bond that will last forever.

(does that count as confessing my love?)

yellow rose,
a symbol of friendship
betul tak tqa?

It's easier to pick the biggest apple
on the tallest branch with a friend.
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tqa said...

i luv u 2~
yellow roses for all of you ;)

(aRe-TiCk) said...

sangat menyentuh hati n naluri keibuanku..huhuhu
semoga kita terus SaTu SMSU hingga ke sem 10..
aLL cOlOur of Roses to all of u..:-P...

cZar_iNa said...

uhuhu.. stuju ngan awk sume.
im touching r syu~
lebiu too ^_^

farhana said...

hehe,,ha,ah tersentuh la syu.....moga2 ukhwah ni berpanjangan,,insyaallah..

Sarah said...

terharulah...x sangka sarah jd "bahan" inspirasi syu..haha

khairi.ibrahim said...

something should be done..

sAPe aq?? said...

sedey2 plak..
epi2 la~

((kest air mata ngan sapu tgn))

cZar_iNa said...

wat shud be done??

tqa said...

haha zarina.
wat kes pe tuw.

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