Saturday, January 30, 2010

a lesson from an occurrence

the original post is actually in my blog, i just want to share it here with you guys as well, since i don't post anything in this blog on a frequent basis.

"one by one, the ones who are related to me, is suffering from cancer... is this a coincidence? What does Allah want me to see?"
-facebook status-

from a friend of mine, my junior, my mom and now, another friend whom I was rather close too since we were both in MPP during our secondary school days, is suffering from cancer. takziah to him, Syahir Lokman, and his family. i just knew about it today from one of my friends's blog and

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Aku ingin mencintaiMu..~

Awal kalam Bismillahirrahmanirrahim..

Recently, i keep listening to this song....saje nk share ngan sahabat2..


Tuhan betapa aku malu

atas semua yang Kau beri

padahal diriku terlalu sering

membuatMU kecewa
entah mungkin karna ku terlena

sementara Engkau beri aku kesempatan

berulang kali agar aku kembali
dalam fitrahku sebagai manusia

untuk menghambakanMU
betapa tak ada apa-apanya aku dihadapanMU

Aku ingin mencintaiMU
setulusnya, sebenar-benar aku cinta
dalam do'a, dalam ucapan, dalam setiap langkahku
aku ingin mendekatiMU selamanya
sehina apapun diriku
ku berharap untuk bertemu denganMU ya Rabbi

by : Edcoustic

~::Life For ALLAh::~

Sunday, January 10, 2010


السلام عليكم ورحمة الله و بركته

Reminder : This post contains many errors, especially gramatical errors.. Thus, all of you must help me to correct it, actually this is my new method to improve my english, i will make mistakes as many as i can, and all of you must correct it, hahaha padan muka...

I dont know what is it, but just assume it as a letter. This letter should be read without any prejudices and do not have any relations to those who are alive and those who had die.

This letter is specially dedicated to those who put their beliefs in ukhuwah, those who have ukhuwah, those who love ukhuwah, those who want to know about ukhuwah, and those who want to refresh their ukhuwah.

This letter is alo dedicated to those who are in disputes with their friends, those who used to have disputes with their friends, and those who will be fated to have disputes with their friends in future.

This letter is also can be dedicated by anyone who wants to dedicate it, and it also can be dedicated to anyone who want this letter to be dedicated to them.

This so called letter is like this...

To those who are concerns...

dear disputants and disputees,

Re: ukhuwah

I am sorry to interfere into your business or problems, in fact who am I to interfere about it? I am just the outsider or just and intruder who minds other business... I dont know all of you, and I even dont know anythings about your conflicts. What it is? How it is? and Where it is ? Absolutely I dont know anythings about it, yet I dont want to know anythings about it. I just know about this and want to make all of you know about it....

Whatever the problems it is, however the conflict it is, and whereever it is, for me the matter do not own any rights, do not earn any privileges, and do not have any leverages. What rights? Rights to hurt everyones heart, What priveleges? Privileges to defect your ukhuwah, What leverages? Leverages to destroy your relationships. And the most importants things it do not have any rights to hurt your hearts, to make you sad, and to make you cry. Who it is to do so, Come on have some pity on your hearts.. Please dont let it cry anymore...

Dont you have any pity for your heart? Dont you heart own any right to feel happy? do you enjoy make your heart cry? Please give some sympathy to your heart. it have done so many things for you, but why you always let it down... Are there any enjoyment to do so? if there is, then share with me, i want to do that so. “Who care? my hearts enjoy to do like that, who are you to say this and to say that to me”

If you say that, i would like to say this, dont be too selfish. Who am i? i just a person who had been teached ukhuwah is very significant bond, very holy bond, and great bond which own special places in the hearts of those who put their beliefs in ukhuwah and those who love ukhuwahs. Who teach me ? my experiences...

Dont you ever think about every ukhuwah believers and lovers in the world? dont you feel guilty towards them? dont you feel sorry for them? Just think about it for a while, do you think your problem own any rights to drop the ukhuwah to the lowest place? Ukhuwah must be place at it place which it at very special corner in our hearts.. Otherwise it will be zalim for those who not put it at it reasonable place.. Thus, please think for a moments, where is your ukhuwah right now, whereever it is pleaseput it at the rights place..

If you dont want to do it, it just fine, dont do it for yourself, for me, or for your friends, but please do it in the name of ukhuwah, please do it for every ukhuwah believers in the world, please do it to every single ukhuwah lovers in the world, and please do it for your suffering hearts.. At least try to do it, just remember what ukhuwah used to give you, I am very sure it used to give you happiness, then why dont you do somethings for it now, at least for sake of yourself...

Both of you i.e you and your friends who are in disputes are very childish, even the children do not act like you, Just because of that small things, just because of that matters you had ruined your ukhuwah... Actually your problem is neither a things nor matters... it was just your unconrolled emotions who lead it to become bigger than world war 2.. Thus dont be too emotional...

I am sorry again for interfere, but please listen to me for this time only... please... let me say this... please close you eyes for a moments and try to listen to your sufferinf hearts... please listen to it properly, listen to it first before you said I am crazy and that is nonsense.... Even i dont hear it and will never hear it, i am very sure the hearts will never stop from crying and saying please refresh the ukhuwah, please rebuild the ukhuwah, please strengthen the ukhuwah, please return back the ukhuwah, and please watering the ukhuwah with your love... please..please....please...

I wish every of us can listen to it eventhough i know we will never and ever able to listen to it. But, have some pity on your hearts, your hearts own th rights to feel happy and to be loved. I am writing this letter because dont want all of you repeat my mistakes. If you have be like me soon, it is too late. I used to have many person arounds me who loves and cares about me. But, i did not appreciate them and even do not notices them at all. And i just think about them at the moments i truely lost them, not at the moments actually, i only start to think about them after the long moments i lost them.

Please do not do this mistakes again. Always remember, haha bosan la lak cakap bi, jadi nak cakap bm la, to nura and mikail dont worry, i will translate it for you, just for you, if and only if you read la, if not just forget about it..

Sebaik-baik hidup adalah hidup yang paling kurang penyesalannya ataupun yang tiada penyesalan, dan seburuk-buruk hidup ialah hidup yang paling banyak penyesalan dan penuh dengan kekesalan. Jadi elakkan hidup dalam kekesalan. Aku telah hidup di dalamnya dan kekesalan itu telah menjadi bayang-bayang yang setia menemaniku ke mana sahaja. Namun aku sangat gembira dan bersyukur kerana ia telah menjadi guru yang baik bagiku dan telah mengajarku erti-erti kehidupan yang tidak mungkin aku pelajari dalam mana-mana buku.Alhamdulilah, Wallahualam...

You and your friend is just like you and your shadow, what tied it together is the ukhuwah. Thus, return the ukhuwah back. Ya allah sampaikanlah ukhuwah yang ada di dalam hati-hati kami ini kepadamu..

Your faithfully,

فقير الفقير.

This letter flying without wings into your hearts*

* Subject to your permission...

The end of the letter...

1 grammatical question, do we need to write I as capital whereever it is? or we dont have to. I used to laugh at my friend when he make this mistakes, now i get the pay back, Alhamdulilah.

Moral of the question: Dont laugh at your friends...

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