Thursday, October 22, 2009

RaBiTh0H al-QaLB's STaTiSTic 2

3rd week of TITAS

1st Presenter NUR SAKINAH NABILAH 1090240 12:13
2nd Presenter MUNIRATUL FARHANA 1091145 13:40
3rd Presenter NUR A'TIQAH 1091578 17:17
Here, our assumption seems to be prevailed. We found that these 3 girls' presentations took about the same time to finish. The average time taken was merely 14 min 23 seconds. The time pases quite fast and we didn't even notice it..
Perhaps this was due to the attractive presentations they made. Well, undisputable that knew how to entertain the audience. very good, girls!hehe..
For instance, one of the presenters put her "onion" animae. Guess who?? yup, you're right! who else~Sakinah Nabilah~hehe..
we would like to say that, YM Tengku Ahmad Zarkashi hold the position as the longest time taken for the whole 3 weeks. Bravo to him~ couldn't you see?? how he elaborated his points very well ! ^_^
meanwhile for the shortest time taken was hold by Siti Aisyah for 26:04 and 11:50 respectively.
eventhough, i~aRa~ not really satisfied with my latest presentation~madkal~therefore in this "research" i am hoping to be just like the rest of you.
>ups..sorry..tbe2 aRa nie touching2 lak.huhu..~iNa~
ok.that's all from both of us..
actually..dunno what's the main purpose of posting this..
but we feel that it is necessary to post it as we've already collect the datas. and we are very enthuse and eager to see the result.
So, we were thinking..~why don't we share it with all of you~
~iNa, aRa & co~
8.30 pm


nsdahlia said...

x phmla data ni.

tqa said...

ara?? eeiiw
keh3,nmpk nye smue nk ade nme manje skrg.. ;)

once again sara,
I'm not satisfy with my MADKHAL assignment+presentation..

as I said, we have 4 and a half years more to improve ourself.
it is okay if we made mistake now rather than next 4 1/2 years later.

happy holiday.

(aRe-TiCk) said...

waa...really great research..blh dpt tittle "prof" r after this coz da ada research sendiri..anyway, thanks 4 da report:-)
we`l hav to improve our skill of communicate after this ya:-)hehe..ya ara??

cZar_iNa said...

to nsdahlia:
alar..da agak da phm..huhu
sory2..ktowg ter0ver bajet r g anta p0st nie..hehe

to tqa:
hik3..mmg "aRa" manje p0wn~

to (aRe-TiCk):
reasonable doubt~haha
erm.."aRa" da tdo r kak..hehe

farhana said...

hhehh,,,caya la korang,...wat data tu..ehheheh

cZar_iNa said...


aKu & oKtObEr said...

smpat lg korg bt research ya...
tp sma cm syu jgk la...
krg phm ckit la...huhu

Sarah said...

aiyoh...knp ramai komen x phm ni...sbnrnya point kami disini adalah...
budak law pun pndai mngira...mathe tu....!

aKu & oKtObEr said...

ooo...cm2 ke sbnrnya?
alamak...lmbt tgkp plak...=p

khairi.ibrahim said...

quit impressed with the data provided.well done.
obviously,YM is the one whom take too much time to present though he asked me to set the time for him.
man with political blood inside him.
about the statement quoting with permission "their positions as the class representatives should be maintained".
agak ragu2.
let others feel the excitement(if there is) of being class rep.
i know,u people love this position.huhu.

farhana said...

to ina:
he awat terkejut,,,,tak penah dengar name cek ka,,,hhehheeh,,,(marah k.aishah,bahase die)

to sarah:
yeah sarah,,,buktikan dak law leh jadi akauntan,,heheh

sAPe aq?? said...

hate math..
kuar munth ijau time wt math dulu..
especially +math..

best la data nih~
bleh wt database~

Sarah said...

hehe...sje je...sarah boring time, bwk je hp time kt depan..rekod sendri time..pastu, tergerak hati nk rekod semua org...kan sarah org first present...dah x de keje...
abes amek law ni..nk jd akauntan lah...
(huhu..semua benda sarah nk jadi...)

tqa said...

ak rse jwtn ketua penolong tu ptot dikekalkan.
nnt msti jd perebutan tahta klo tukar2.
ramai sgt yg berwibawa dlm kls ni.

gud luck exam~

cZar_iNa said...

ye2..this position SHUD BE MAINTAINED~
xde pe yang nak diragukan..

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