Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Law Attachment Programme

Assalamualaikum! hi hi guys. How's your holiday? got a lot of ampau already? hee.

Since today already 2nd February, so we have about urm erm mmph 3 months before our looooong semester break (hoyeh), so I wanna post something related to Law Attachment Programme. Most of us ade yang nak join cooking class, sewing class (not me! not me!) etc etc, instead of these I suggest you to join Law Attachment Programme. Even kita baru 2nd year student, why not we exposed ourself to the real world of practicing earlier than we suppose to. hehe 

I Google about this Programme, looking for available Law Firm and then I accidentally met this kind-hearted blogger who share his experience doing Law Attachment Programme long time ago. At first I thought he is "she". hehe sorry ye bro AzreeAriffin.

So, lets read his entry:

1) The Law Attachment Programme
2) Choosing A Legal Attachment Venue -- requested by me. hehe

p/s: jangan bertangguh walau ape jua benda baik yang kita nak buat.


SaRaH_AdiBaH said...

salam..tshy, sarah bc kn..ehm, cr dia ckp yg psl unit2 tu, mcm dia igt kite nak wt attachment yg ala mcm praktikal yg taun 3 tu je..kite kn nk suka2 je..hehe..

tqaAwesome said...

ha'ah..~ tula tetibe rase macam, eh? kita layak ke buat attachment? hehe. dok umah belajar english jela

SaRaH_AdiBaH said...

layak!sape ckp x..hehe..nnti wt resume, sblum tu wat dulu surat pngakuan pelajar usim..sarah nk cr kt mache je..tp, konfem xde gaji..sbb firm kt mache kecik2 je..haha..

(aRe-TiCk) said...

thumbs up tok tshy...good2...sy nak wat kat kl coz byk firm, tp xnak coz jauh dr umah..hehehe..

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