Saturday, June 12, 2010

Non-Muslim successfully accepted as syarie lawyer.

Assalamualaikum you guys!

Sorry for being "invisible" from this beloved blog. hehe. makin kurang busy makin malas update ini blog. ok guys. I know that this issue is not-so-current-issue anymore but still it can be considered as the latest and hottest issue for us since it is related to our course.

Honestly, I don't really know the details about this issue until I spend a few hours to read about this issue.There's a lot of bloggers gave their comments regarding this issue. What about your comments? i need them. ~_~

If you are unable to give your opinion, its okay cause I know everyone is busy watching movies, downloading MV, cooking ,reading comics, Facebook-ing etc. haha.

P/s: I hope after this we will open up our mind by having one post a week *at least* discussing any current issue because I believe it will help us especially when we have to attend an interview. I had one actually last week and when the interviewers knew that I'm from Law and Shariah course, she asked me about this issue. haha that's her first question okay. killer question actually because I never read about this issue. haha!


SaRaH_AdiBaH said...

wah, i am really excited with ur idea, tshy..hope we can carry out the plan to discuss any current issue every it so much!

nway, regarding non-muslim in syarie lawyer, i am sorry to say but, i cant help as i know nothing about it.really need to read more about it..but, i just wondering on 2 points.
1- as we know, the law already said that only muslim can be a syarie lawyer, so, why she is allowed?huhu..xphm lah.
2- lastly, actually as i mentioned to u during the alsp interview(the one u all hentam i hidup2 tu-entah pe dendam korng kat sy yg kecil ini)ehm, if the islamic banking is already use by people all over the world,and those non-muslims too, also become one of the expert in islamic banking. why cant we let the same happen to our islamic law.
fi khulasoh, bila pk2 blk..mungkin what have been told by zarkashi on that day is true..saddu zaraik is prevail over husnozon..
p/s-sorry for my terrible english and my not-so-helping-comment.if u guys want to hentam me once again..silalah..i reda je.

SaRaH_AdiBaH said...
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tqa said...

hehe thanks sara for re-type your comment. hehe

before i analyze and read about this issue, I made my own conclusion (women love to jump into conclusion)
.. I thought that why should non-Muslim get interfere with our Law since they have their own law. huhu then I'm afraid that they gonna mess up with our law since they entered into our field. *poor englis of mine* ..

thats my first idea when I heard about it.

but now, I think that why not they learn shariah law, maybe one day they will see the perfection of Islamic law.

SaRaH_AdiBaH said...

indeed, islam is perfect..when a non-muslim involve in islamic law, i wish she see why we keep saying islam is perfect kn..

erm, by the way, i do not know why, but, when i said that,it reminds me abt the mavi that ship, not only muslim were there right?there were multi of non-muslim too, but once the israel act cruely, the rest of the world notice what we try to spread for years..

but, to relate the said points is so hard.because hehe, i dont know what is the connection actually..i just simply write what come across my mind.lalalala..

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