Saturday, January 30, 2010

a lesson from an occurrence

the original post is actually in my blog, i just want to share it here with you guys as well, since i don't post anything in this blog on a frequent basis.

"one by one, the ones who are related to me, is suffering from cancer... is this a coincidence? What does Allah want me to see?"
-facebook status-

from a friend of mine, my junior, my mom and now, another friend whom I was rather close too since we were both in MPP during our secondary school days, is suffering from cancer. takziah to him, Syahir Lokman, and his family. i just knew about it today from one of my friends's blog and it was confirmed by another friend of mine.

i don't think this is a mere coincidence that these people, who are related to me, either directly or indirectly, are suffering from this fatal disease. Allah is trying to show me something. But, what is it? Allahu a'laam. Only He knows.

The only thing I can see and learn,
compared with our personal lives, somebody out there is facing a bigger obstacle in life, somebody out there is fighting with all their might, fighting for a life and happiness,
to survive and to make the people around them to smile
once again.

Those people must be the chosen ones,
the stronger ones... that Allah gives them a challenge
that some other people could not even bear.
Now, they are fighting for a life
when some other people only take it for granted
and even throw it away on their own will and go against the fate.

This is all that I can see...
but I feel that Allah is trying to show me something else...
It's just difficult for me to comprehend.

AND just something that we should ponder on,
what have we done to appreciate the life, the good health and every single breath that Allah has given us?

Are we, too, taking it for granted?


(aRe-TiCk) said...

takziah to ur friends shu..
those who Allah burden with a bigger obstacle in life like u said they must be the chosen ones,
the stronger ones... because Allah gives only give obstacle to those who He believe they can bear .

(لايكلف نفسا إلا وسعها)

it also some sort of sign to us to appreciate what we hav n never take it for granted..

hope u`ll be ok...n may Allah answers all ur prayers..

Sarah said...

dear my fren,
as i read this...i lost my word to say as i know, berat mata memandang berat lg bahu memikul.
but, syu...i just want to say this, i am so sorry for not being a good friend to you.sorry for everything...i hope i can be a person that u can lend on my u did to me...

tqa said...

Allah tak kan beri ujian pada hambanya melebihi kemampuan hamba nya itu.


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