Wednesday, June 8, 2011

#1 Siyasah Shar'iyyah

Alhamdulillah, berjaya jugak kita start our pre-sem 5 discussion walaupun hanya segelintir yang join. Mungkin busy kot. But it's ok. The lesser the better :)

Last night we started with Siyasah Shar'iyyah. Memandangkan tak ada course outline and reference books, kitorang refer kat internet je la. At least ada jugak input untuk subjek ni.

In our first discussion, ingatkan kejap je, rupanya banyak pulak input walaupun cuma bincang pasal mafhum SS. What I can say about SS is this subject resembles a bit of Islamic Constitutional and Administrative Law that we have learned last semester.It's only the language used and the references that made the difference.

Cuma ICAL lebih kepada constitutionalism and whatnot.
Anyway, these are among the websites and blogs that we referred to last night.

Konsep Siyasah Shar'iyyah by Dr. Hj. Suaidi
Siyasah Shar'iyyah - Madkhal Ila Tajdid al-Khitab al-Islami
Awan Damai
Siyasah Shar'iyyah or The Policies of the Government by MH Kamali

p/s: Sorry, malam tadi saya tertidur awal ^^" Malam ni, be ready untuk Islamic Law of Banking and Takaful!

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INA ZARINA said...

alamak! sy terlepas sudah~bile next class neh??boring woh duk uma..

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