Wednesday, July 7, 2010

a new semester ^^"

Thank you to Sakinah who has uploaded our schedule in her blog (which ruined my blissful night.. hehe kidding. but i mean it). FYI, we can register for the 3RD SEMESTER on 
8-11 July 2010. 
which literally starts today.

It's already the third sem huh? Time flies.
Anyway, whatever happened during the last two sems, just get over it. 
The past can't be changed.
Now, we're dealing with the present and the future.
So, let's start anew next week ok?
The next journey will be way way tougher 
so let's walk hand in hand... ^^
(Sweet tak saye?)

P.S.: I'm wondering about our new course mates... ^^?


tqa said...


literally ..?

i hope that this semester will be legen ..(wait for it).. dary!

NuSaNa NoSa 91 said...

i had ruined your night, syu??
ha3~ i like it~~ i like this ruin2 thinggy.. wiwiwiwiwi~

aKu & oKtObEr said...

slmt blaja ya adik2 suma...
best tau blaja ulum hadith n ulum quran =)
wish all of u best of luck k!

nsdahlia said...

nnt k pija kene ajar..... !

nsdahlia said...

nnt k pija kene ajar..... !

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