Thursday, February 11, 2010

sharing is learning

this entry is posted out of boredom waiting at klia alone, with not so cool internet connection. don't they even have wireless connection nowadays? is klia having the same budget-saving policy as USIM? i wonder... huhu~ better not, or else zarkashi might have the mens rea to burn down this airport. hehe~

anyway, just in case u guys are reading this, i want to propose something for us to do. i don't know either it's possible or not. if u guys have a better idea, let's share it together. maybe it's only applicable to the sisters, since it's easier for us to discuss coz we live together. but if the brothers wish to join, u are welcome ;)

the thing that i'm proposing,
why don't we discuss the cases together, apart from what we are doing in tutorial class with miss ina. i mean, each person, read one case which have not been read and which have not and will not be discussed with miss ina, then we do the summary for each cases. after that, we take some time to, formally speaking, present the summary to the other friends.

i know this is too late to do this, but people say, "it's better late than never"...
it may be difficult as well coz it is easier to comprehend if we read the cases by ourselves.
but due to the time constraint each and everyone has, even to finish reading is also close to impossible.

it's not compulsory for everybody.
but if u want to join, you have to read one or two cases and do the summary.
what do you say?

p/s: kinah, dnt worry, u can comment in malay language.. :P


فقير الفقير said...

But, if it is done in good faith, it is ok right? haha

Sarah said... je pk td...!!!ok je...nnti kita ym2 eh pe kes yg nk baca..

(aRe-TiCk) said...

setuju2...let`s help each other..such a brilliant idea..

tqa said...

nak jOin!!!
count me in even i'm not good enough in reading case, seriously!

haha, but~
not good doesnt mean forever not good.

jOm2~! cmne nk decide case ape ut spe?

فقير الفقير said...

hi everyones, just want to ask what do you understand by word IT in my previous comment?

فقير الفقير said...

salam, boleh tak sape2 tolong postkan list of the cases that we should have by now. so that we can start divide it among us, then start doing the summary...

nsdahlia said...

that one, i leave it to sarah... hehe~ i hope all of us can read one case this holiday (of course u can read more since mid term exam is around the corner) and do one summary. maybe if we cant meet to present the whole case, we'll just share the summary.

tqa said...

this monday,
inshaAllah i will discuss it with sarah since we are going to have a date in UIA gombak. hak3,

then, i will list down the cases as well okay?

ha hah ha haha

nusana nosa said...

nasib bek bleh komen dlm bm..
syu nih..
2 rhsia kita b'2 je utk komen dlm bhs pe..

nk join~~~~

Sarah said...

wah...knp semua itu leave itu to me? i just hv the opportunity to on9 ni..dear my frens, nnti I wat list ek...susah r,kt PD lg ni..see u soon Tqah.
ps: papehal, nnti kita wat conference lah confenrence..hehe, rindu nk tgk muka korng..dah 3 hari cuti ni.

tqa said...

rindu kah?

see u this thursday :)
haish kne tangguh plak.

cZar_iNa said...

nk join2~kowang devide n just let me noe.i follow~~hee

aKu & oKtObEr said...

nk join jgk...

Sarah Adib said...

zarkashi..i assume when u mention "it" means the division of cases.btul x?

فقير الفقير said...

yeah, its right but it have 2 meaning actually, the ones is what you have said and the other one is what syu said that i have mens rea to do it, but its not important actually, i should not asked that question, just forget it, sorry to make it complex... by the way, when is the due date to submit the summary?

Sarah Adib said... it??i have never thought abt the second meaning..

actually, i did'nt yet set the due date..but, i think we should set it..

let me discuss first with the others..

p/s:any suggestion please..

فقير الفقير said...

any date is possible but for the cases for superior and inferior court we shall submit before mid test, can?

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