Thursday, August 13, 2009

see ya after the break~

The day has come, finally. It's mid-term break~Happy holiday guys~

Before we come to more serious posts (or should i say legal posts..perhaps, i am not so sure),
let's start with some sort of light material here. Well, recently about 51 Malaysian people died due to Influenza A H1N1. Another 2, 350 had been diagnosed with this dangerous disease recently. Yet for today, there is no news on the increasing case (but i do believe there is. huhu)

For that reason, Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah warned the government to act responsibly, in order to overcome this problem. He wanted this to be solved, and he urged Malaysian community to take precaution actions to prevent this virus.

Health Minister of Malaysia called on the people not to panic because 98 per cent of those who contracted the disease had recovered . What was worrying was the high-risk group which needed immediate treatment if they showed H1N1 symptoms. But still the society need to follow the instructions of the Health Ministry.

Does this matter a big deal to us? The law students? Yes, it is. We are now in the area where the virus is probably spreading. So, be careful my dear friends. You are the future. Take care of yourself especially at crowded places( KTM & etc. ) Be nice yea future lawyers ~_~
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