Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ramadhan-issues: inside and outside

Salam Ramadhan Kareem to all,
it seems that today almost 8th day we are fasting.Alhamdulillah, i believe everything went on smoothly among 16 of us. Ramadhan is a very well month, our relationship between lecturers, the circumtances also get improve.
And i also believe 2 days ago was a good day too. We have the opportunity to know our library well:what a good treasure hunt!Now,about the Merdeka Day this 31st August.
Alhamdulillah wa syukur ila Allah, this year Merdeka Day Celebration is on 10 Ramadhan 1430.
Having this such celebration with doa, terawih, fasting is really amazing.
Oh, not to forget, what are your opinion on cases of the dead of Teoh Beng Hock, the cane or not to cane of Kartika? are you guys-the future laywer- are following this case?
ehm, i bet you are. so, let us keep on following these cases and see what comes up.
Yes, one more thing, as the numbers of dead in Malaysia because of H1N1 are increasing-by this time 71 persons already dead-please, take a good care yourself. in the latest news, the World Health Organisation(WHO) has reported that we the Malaysian are having low understanding and poor knowledge on the spread of H1N1.
Lastly, as the mid tests are around the corner, remind to all of us(including me), not to study only for exam-no more exam orientation- and remember what Ms Fadhlina said, law is not about memorising. So, study smart!!what is important, is the knowledge itself...not pointer...pointer only a way to appreciate your knowledge.

That's all from me.assalamualaikum and wish you all to have the best ever Ramadhan!!Once again, i am so sorry because i know my english is not so good and there are a lot of mistakes...hehe..pardon me.and if dont mind,correct me.


tqa said...

wah!! thanks sara for the reminder especially regarding MID test. I'm quite worry about the becoming TEST as I'm not ready for it ^_^

and as you said,study is not Focusing on TEST or pointer only, isn't it? that is true. I totally agree!

I hope one day, our group will be more united and support each other especially in studies.

I know we have to compete to achieve success but why not we help each other so that we can success together!

worry if any of our friends did not understand what we have learn,
worry if any of our friends have to absent and skip class for some reason and feel responsible to teach them.
worry if any of our friends sleep in class.

hehe.thats all.gud luck u guys

NUSANA NOSA 91 said...

"worry if any of our friends sleep in class."
i think i know who, tqa..

tqa said...

eleh..NUSANA NOSA included..!!

NUSANA NOSA 91 said...

(muke innocent)
admit it??

tqa said...

kelas Law td da terbUkti..

NUSANA NOSA 91 said...

ye ke??
xde la..
mngntok je..

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