Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Let us go back to business!!!

Salam and peace to everyone,

it has been very quiet lately for this blog, thus, in accordance with the above title, let us re-start what we have done for this semester.

well, here is the list of due date, and i hope each and everyone of us may pick one or two(if u want) of these dates...please take one...hehe

Then, let me know and make sure remember ur date as you need to post entries before that particular date..

  1. 13rd December 2009
  2. 20th December 2009
  3. 27th December 2009
  4. 3rd January 2009
  5. 10th January 2010
  6. 17th January 2010
  7. 24th January 2010
  8. 31st January 2010
  9. 7th February 2010
  10. 14th February 2010
  11. 21st February 2010
  12. 28th February 2010
  13. 7th March 2010
  14. 14th March 2010
  15. 21st March 2010
  16. 28th March 2010
  17. 4th April 2010

ehmm.... i have no last word to say except, pick the date and enjoy ur HOLiDaY!!!



Sarah said...

syu 14th March 2010
sarah 28th March 2010

cZar_iNa said...

kte naaakkk...
14th feb la eh??

Sarah said...

amboi zarina...
ok..blh je..silakn..
org lain sume x nk ke??

nsdahlia said...

diorng busy.

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