Wednesday, September 30, 2009


today is not a "Friendship Day"
today is no one's birthday
today is just my usual day like the other days b4

none of u has scolded me
none of u breaks my heart
~of course~hehe

yet, when talk about friendship
it's mustamirrah..
n in order to strengthen this precious friendship
lets do something on it

~tHe ABC's oF FweNShip~

Always be honest
Be there when they need you
Cheer them on
Don't look for their faults
Every chance you get, call
Forgive them
Get together often
Have faith in them
Include them
Just listen
Know their dreams
Love them unconditionally
Make them feel special
Never forget them
Offer to help
Praise them honestly
Quietly disagree
Rescue them often
Say you're sorry
Talk frequently
Use good judgment
Vote for them
Wish them well
X-ray yourself first
Your word counts
Zip your mouth when told a secret



khairi.ibrahim said...

so nice to learn abc in a different ways.nice to see,nice to read.good job.
our group is our make our group really ours,is our job.not mine,not the authors,not the admin,but ours.
from one to whole.
bikhair daiman.

tqa said...

friendship forever !!

at first, i'm not really happy to have a new classmates ,well you know it's normal for people to have discomfort feeling when they have to change something that they already used to be with it ~

But n0w, i realize that i have to move on and i'm happy with all of you !!

ukhuwah fillah ^_^

Sarah said...

abc.....hehe...i certainly have to adopt this poem to myself....huhu especially Q...haha...

cZar_iNa said...

certainly! it's our job n main duty to mke dis group an awesome group, a fun group. bsides,there'l b only 16 of us until d nx 5,accept, respect n love each n everyone of us r d most important each other..

~em, guys,1 thing i realised.. could we plez stop doing this 1 single thing? (which i did do b4 this.huhu..sorry2)

~stop saying n thinking that our previous groups in tmhd or other institutions, r better than our group now?

~im on the view that it will obviouisly create a huge boundaries btwn us.dont u thik so??
juz need time, kn?

~we shud live happily here wif our "new supporters" n "new best friends"..

~luv u guyz ~smsu09/10~ ^_^

tqa said...

i wish that this class which we will together till next 5 years,

RESPECT each other
LOVE each other


tqa said...

and please,
bear in mind ..
all are equal..


xde yang terlebih hebat,

and seriously speaking,

I cannot see that 'wihdah' yet till now.
not yet MAYBE..

tqa said...

arghhh... !!!

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